He is expected to visit Cox's Bazar on Tuesday and might stay there for a couple of days
Earl R Miller, the new US Ambassador to Bangladesh, will visit the Rohingya camps this week to experience the situation there, as the United States has "remained committed" to helping the Rohingyas.
Miller is expected to visit Cox's Bazar on Tuesday and might stay there for a couple of days, reports UNB.
An official said "things will be finalized soon."
The US government commended the government and the people of Bangladesh, who have responded swiftly and generously to the Rohingyas arriving in Bangladesh, on several occasions.
In October, US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, announced more than $185 million in additional humanitarian assistance for those in Bangladesh and Myanmar who have been affected by the Rohingya crisis.
This additional funding brings US humanitarian assistance in response to the Rohingya crisis to nearly $389 million since the outbreak of violence in Myanmar in August 2017.
According to the US Embassy in Dhaka, the new funding includes $156 million for Rohingyas and host communities in Bangladesh to support the implementation of critical emergency services, including protection, emergency shelter, food, water, sanitation, healthcare, and psychosocial support.
Since August 2017, more than 725,000 Rohingyas have fled violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State, crossing the border into Bangladesh. Bangladesh now hosts over one million Rohingyas.
He emphasised that a strong US-Bangladesh relationship is in the interests of the United States and the American people, Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people, as well as the regional and global community.
Ambassador Miler who arrived here on November 18 was sworn in as the US Ambassador to Bangladesh at the Department of State in the United States.
Miller was confirmed as US Ambassador to Bangladesh by the US Senate on October 11.
Ambassador Miller presented his credentials to President Md Abdul Hamid on November 29.


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